EU Basic Income Survey 2017 (Dalia Research)

  • 63% are familiar with basic income, a 5 percentage point increase since April 2016.
  • 68% would vote for basic income, a 4 percentage point increase from the past year.
  • Support for basic income is highest in Italy at 75%.
  • Support for basic income grew the most in the UK (from 62% to 69%).
  • 31% would want their country to introduce basic income without waiting for successful experiments. 32% would want to wait until after successful experiments in their country.
  • 52% of people think basic income could help alleviate financial insecurity and 42% think it would create more equality of opportunity.
  • 52% of people also think basic income might encourage people to stop working. But 37% say a basic income would not affect their work choices.
  • Just 8% say they would work less if basic income were adopted.

Survey Results from April 2017 [PDF]

Detailed Information about the survey [PDF]


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