Alexander Kühl

Alexander Kühl is an economist who has been studying both economic principles and their practical application in the real world. Alexander holds an undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford and a Masters degree in Economics from University College London. Working for a leading economic consultancy, he has advised international corporations, governmental organisations and financial institutions on matters relating to competition, finance, and regulatory issues.

Born in Germany and educated in Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom Alexander has experienced the benefits of open borders firsthand. Open borders only exist between countries with significant economic collaboration. The realisation that political issues are often driven by economic considerations drove him to take up the study of economics. Even though economics was not the most popular social science after the financial crisis, its quantitative methods and parsimonious explanations were appealing and the discipline nicely complemented an existing interest in philosophy and politics.

From this perspective it feels natural to study the relationship between individuals, private companies and society. In this area we are often confronted with the choice between the controversial force of unrestricted private enterprise and the inefficiency of regulation by the state. Alexander hopes that this is a false dichotomy, but balancing the private and public benefits of economic activity is clearly one of the most relevant practical and philosophical challenges in economics and politics. This has led Alexander to focus his studies and his work as a consultant on competition and regulatory economics. In addition to political and economic concepts, Alexander enjoys a wide variety of physical activities, but he engages in none of them because he prefers to spend time with his children.