Benjamin Brockhaus

Benjamin Brockhaus (*1986) is a project developer and business consultant. With his agency benjamin and his partners support re-inventing-processes in the field of integral leadership, sustainable entrepreneurship, regional development, personal coaching ánd deep conferencing.

Benjamin has a qualification as technician for industrial electronics, holds a Bachelor of Science in Ecosystem Management from the University of Goettingen and a Master of Arts in Sustainability Economics and Management from University of Oldenburg.  He is alumni of the German National Academic Foundation.

In 2008 Benjamin served voluntarily as a national park ranger in the Wadden Sea National Park of Lower Saxony, which is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Observing the richness, beauty, vulnerability and natural dynamics of this globally unique ecosystem became a very meaningful impression to him.

Not least therefore Benjamin’s research interest lies in participative approaches for sustainable regional development, business ethics, corporate social responsibility (CSR), education for sustainable development (ESD), landscape ecology and organisational culture. Therefore his current work as freelance project developer and host of team-based project development processes often refers to the theory of the commons, system theory, social- and humanistic psychology and organisational theory. As Benjamin promotes a holistic understanding of policy-making and sustainability, which includes the cultural dimension, his concepts go close with the development of team spirit, identification of commonly shared values and practicing awareness.

To empower people in discovering and developing their potential as creators of a sustainable future, Benjamin co-founded the “Youth Future Project” association in 2009. This NGO enables undergraduates to get in touch with future-orientated approaches for society, economy and politics by direct interactions with pioneers like the awardees of the nobel peace prize and laureates of the “alternative nobel“. For his commitment, in 2012 Benjamin became awarded a basic income scholarship as part of the “Program Engagement with Perspective (PEP)” by the international Social Entrepreneur Network “Ashoka” and SAP AG.

Between 2013 and 2015  Benjamin co-developed projects in Sweden with the Right Livelihood Award Foundation  and the artist collective Animalspirits  (“Sowing seeds for sustainability”, a participative workshop program for refugees training them to become ambassadors for sustainable development), in Switzerland with the think tank “First World Development” (e.g. “Business for Basic Income”, a Network of Entrepreneurs discussing the idea of a basic income) and at University of Oldenburg (“NachDenkstatt”, a collegiate conference about sustainability issues). Continuing his comittment for the Wadden Sea in 2015  Benjamin founded the nationally first alumni-network of volunteers of a German national park: The network Watt°N unfolds the potential of hundreds former national-park-volunteers (who are usually highly motivated to continue their support) by reorganising them for the local sustainable development goals.

Since 2017, Benjamin works internationally as a consultant and project developer with his agency

Here you can find a list of his past and current projects.