Börries Hornemann

Börries is an entrepreneur, idea-producer, networker, philosopher, freelance academic and worked as a journalist. He holds a BA in geography and education science from University Bochum, as well as a MA in philosophy and cultural studies from University Witten/Herdecke. Study visits brought him to Israel and Russia.

During his studies he founded an office for press relations, designing the media appearances for several musicians like Hans-Jürgen Hufeisen, Europes best flutist (www.hufeisen.com). He worked as a journalist for german newspapers and magazines, mostly on cultural topics and feuilleton. With his own gypsy-band Herr Paschulke Börries experienced touring throughout Europe. After exiting the musicians world, he co-founded a solution for farrier and others working with horses. Besides that, Börries tried to implement a solution to reduce plastic packaging for food products and founded allmende. The company failed, yet the concept was implemented into the Berlin store Original Unverpackt.

Due to his Russian language skills he frequently organizes trips for young people across eastern Europe and is familiar with the livestyle in Ukraine, Russia and Siberia. The feeling of being behind the (former) iron curtain and experiencing the still existing cultural and economical barriers, he engages in the intercultural dialogue.

As a start-up entrepreneur and a father of three children, Börries is keen to work on these urgent questions concerning everyone like the future of social policy and the perspective of new work models.