Che Wagner

Che Wagner (*1988) is a policy researcher and entrepreneur with a social science background as well as a movement and community builder. He is a co-founder of “Generation Grundeinkommen”, the movement behind the Swiss referendum on “Universal Basic Income”. He served as director of the Swiss and international campaign for the same referendum; the vote took place on 5 June 2016 (
He studied History and Social Science in Basel/Switzerland with an emphasis on inequality and continued at the University of Zurich with the MA program “History of Economics”. He is currently researching at “European Global Studies” at the European Institute in Basel. His interests include social movements, political theory/systems and economic policy.
Che Wagner is a father of two children living in Basel with his partner, Marilola Wili.
In the context of, his main focuses will be:
– to research and organize around the topic of crowdsourcing think tank models.
– to set up a experiment on “Universal Basic Income” in German speaking countries.