Lukas Kunert

Lukas Kunert is an autodidact, someone learning from life directly. His work and life path, which is by no means straight and narrow but rather marked with twists and turns, confronted him with the question how to integrate the diverse experiences and skills resulting from these life zig-zags and detours into his professional occupation. He has found his vocation in bringing together various topics and fields.

Since his youth Lukas has made many backpacking trips in Europe, which allowed him to gain extensive experience in dealing with different cultures and mindsets. During his later journeys he explored the Near East and India.

The voluntary social year as well as two further years spent as a carer in a small institution for curative education influenced Lukas strongly. In this time he became aware of the absurdity of the social insurance system in Germany, which is no longer focused on the real situations and needs of people but rather on the compliance with standards and guidelines.

Lukas gained his first entrepreneurial experiences by founding a start-up which developed and distributed organic and fair trade clothes. Unfortunately, this business attempt failed. From this experience there arose an impulse for a commercial training. Lukas completed the latter at the Business College in Freiburg in 2015. Since then he has been working for different projects and initiatives and supporting other entrepreneurs in operational tasks as well as by consulting them on srategical issues.

Lukas experiences with the social insurance system as well as his economical know-how drove him to ask himself how a social security system can be created such that individuals take centre stage in it. Addressing this question led to the current focus of Lukas occupation laying on the development of new forms of P2P insurance and solidarity-based communities.